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In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, enterprises are continuously seeking efficient ways to manage their content and streamline operations. Whether you're a startup or a global conglomerate, trying out a new Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution can be a pivotal step in your digital transformation journey. Here's why our "Get Started for Free" section could be the game-changer for your business:

Scanning - Archiving - AI

AI Process Automations

Utilize ContentGrid to harness AI for automatic classification and data extraction, streamlining content organization. AI algorithms efficiently sort and extract valuable information, which is then securely stored and easily accessible within ContentGrid, optimizing both data management and retrieval processes.

Scanning - Archiving - AI

AI Powered Search

Employ AI-powered search within ContentGrid to revolutionize content discovery: vector-based similarity matching, natural language querying akin to ChatGPT, and model-based searches pre-enhanced by AI-driven categorization and data extraction. This advanced search capability enables intuitive, precise retrieval and a seamless user experience.

Scanning - Archiving - AI

Document Scanning and Archiving

We offer a robust solution for data recovery and archiving, coupled with a simplified access portal for stakeholders. This ensures secure, compliant data preservation and hassle-free retrieval, bridging the gap between complex business applications and user accessibility. Our service empowers stakeholders with critical information, seamlessly and securely.

Scanning - Archiving - AI

Archiving of Key Business Applications Content

Our solution expertly manages data recovery and archiving from platforms like Odoo ERP, Output Management Systems, and eCommerce. It ensures secure, orderly storage and grants stakeholders, who lack direct application access, a simplified entry point for essential information retrieval. This service enhances data governance and stakeholder engagement, effortlessly.

Scanning - Archiving - AI

Content based Process Support and Automation

Integrating ContentGrid with advanced automation services—BPM, Robotics, Middleware (ESB, Orchestrator)—our solution transforms content-driven business processes. This combination elevates efficiency by automating workflows either partially or entirely, streamlining content management and operational precision for businesses looking to optimize their content lifecycle and process workflows.

Scanning - Archiving - AI

Legal Archive

Leveraging ContentGrid as a legal archive adheres to rigorous standards, such as ISO 15489 for records management, ISO 16175 for digital recordkeeping, and specific industry compliance regulations like HIPAA for healthcare. This ensures that documents are legally recognized, maintaining authenticity, reliability, and integrity, which are critical for archival purposes and legal scrutiny.

Scanning - Archiving - AI

Coffre Fort Numérique

ContentGrid functions as a "Coffre Fort" or Secure Vault, utilizing robust encryption and strict access rules to protect sensitive information. It enforces comprehensive security protocols, while its auditing, tracing, and alerting mechanisms ensure that all interactions with the vault are monitored and recorded, providing a transparent and secure environment for critical data storage.

Scanning - Archiving - AI

legal and classified archiving for Sharepoint and Microsoft 365

Our service provides a streamlined approach for the recovery, archiving, and distribution of information to stakeholders without access to the primary collaboration system. It ensures data integrity, maintains archival standards, and facilitates easy distribution, effectively bridging the gap between complex systems and essential stakeholder engagement.

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In today's digital era, the importance of effectively managing, retrieving, and storing information cannot be overstated. Whether you are a business looking to optimize your workflows, a team trying to streamline content management, or an individual striving for efficient document control, ContentGrid is designed with you in mind.

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