Meta Model Driven

ContentGrid has departed from folders and sites to model the world in which your documents and content live. We advocate a semantic and intuitive approach: define the entities and relationships that matter to your business. You have this, right? Content is no different to other business. Next to business entities (product, project, order, case..) you model document entities (invoices, contracts, proposals, specifications, .. ) and link them with relationships. That's all! When done well, your meta-model fits on an A4, guides your users to retrieve any document in no time and governs complex access requirements with simple policies.

What is it?

The ContentGrid "metamodel" is firmly rooted in the principles of entities, attributes, and relationships, akin to an Entity-Relationship Model (ERM). Consequently, a ContentGrid ECM application leverages your company's established business information model to categorize and store content effectively. This approach ensures that the service is not only user-friendly but also closely aligned with familiar business content assets, making it easy to comprehend and utilize.

How does it work?

The Entity-Relationship model is crafted within the ContentGrid console and serves as the foundation for all of ContentGrid's capabilities. This model is instrumental in driving various aspects, including ECM open-source code generation for both APIs and user interfaces, security rule implementation, AI-driven classification, and advanced search functionalities. It provides a unified structure that underpins and harmonizes the diverse features of ContentGrid.

Why is it different?

In contrast to other Enterprise Content Management Solutions that rely on a traditional files and folders structure, ContentGrid excels at speaking the language of your business. Instead of users searching for specific file types or folders, ContentGrid understands that users are in pursuit of meaningful business objects such as contracts, claims, client statements, employee records, and supplier information. It empowers users to find and interact with their content in a manner that aligns with their business needs and objectives, making the management of information more intuitive and context-driven.

Beyond Content Chaos: Achieve Clarity with Entity-Based Models

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In today's digital era, the importance of effectively managing, retrieving, and storing information cannot be overstated. Whether you are a business looking to optimize your workflows, a team trying to streamline content management, or an individual striving for efficient document control, ContentGrid is designed with you in mind.

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