ContentGrid aims to deliver value-based pricing. We don't believe that the number of users, and even not the usage of computing resources is a good measure to price the service according to the value it delivers. Computing resources like storage and RAM are a cost driver, not a value driver. ContentGrid aims to lower these costs, not to increase them for the customers. The number of users shouldn't matter, it is the usage and value that matters.

We basically identify 3 Very Important Capabilities our customers need from ContentGrid (it is a content service platform):

1. Safe storage of content, in encrypted form, with a 99.9999999999 % durability.  That includes the durability that AWS S3 or similar storage provides, but our commitment goes further. ContentGrid guarantees at that durability that the link between meta-data and content is never lost and that the content is unaltered for its legal duration. Our offering includes the generation of PDF/A and a digital seal when storing the content. In short, we apply the best industry practices to ensure CIA of your information. 

2. Guaranteed performance & delivery of ingestion. Ingesting content must be a reliable process. The happy path , but also the exceptions need to be covered. We guarantee that all content ingested into ContentGrid is actually retained, audited, and an ingestion speed of 500 logical documents per seconds is ensured. Please note that the ingestion of binary documents (the content payload) depends on the ingestion speed of storage (S3). In the SaaS formula, we can guarantee XXX, without affecting retrieval and search performance.


3. Guaranteed search and retrieval performance.  ContentGrid delivers 95 % of all queries within 2 seconds, and 99% of all queries within 3 seconds, regardless of the volume managed and the volume ingested. We scale horizontally and vertically.  Reach out to for details.

We do report on these KPIs and we do bill on them, because making sure they run according to the service level objectives is what we offer to you.


Small Enterprise

Max total docs: 500k
Max ingestions/ year: 100k
Max queries/ year: 400k
Included TB: 1

Medium Enterprise

Max total docs: 10m
Max ingestions/ year: 2m
Max queries/ year: 8m
Included TB: 5

Large Enterprise

Max total docs: 50m
Max ingestions/ year: 10m
Max queries/ year: 40m
Included TB: 20

Total Price:


(1TB included)

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