Unlock clarity in content chaos.

ContentGrid generates and maintains infinitely scalable content-centric apps. Customers define and seamlessly adapt their unique model to turn a forest of files into an exceptional search experience, AI automation included.

Thanks to its rich relational model and transparent Policy-Based Access Control, ContentGrid is free from folders and role explosion. Built for the cloud, ContentGrid delivers a transformative open-source solution, leveraging two future-proof and vibrant ecosystems, Spring and PostgreSQL.

How it works

ContentGrid simplifies content management by using a business information model instead of traditional files and folders. It supports building tailored content applications with AI features such as auto-classification and data extraction, deployable across clouds. ContentGrid guarantees secure, scalable app access and storage. Cloud platforms handle the technical maintenance, while businesses can easily adapt functions as needed. It leverages open-source tech like Docker, Kubernetes, and PostgreSQL.

Beyond Content Chaos: Achieve Clarity with Entity-Based Models

Tired of outdated content management systems causing chaos? Discover how ContentGrid's innovative entity-based approach can transform your content management. Download our eBook to learn how to organize, automate, and optimize your processes with cutting-edge AI and intuitive scalability. Streamline your workflow and enhance security, compliance, and user experience today.

Use cases

ContentGrid is a Content Service Platform designed to optimize the utilization of your content. It offers a wide range of common use cases, including:

1. Automated Inbound Document Classification
2. Content Portals for Partners, Suppliers, Employees, and Customers
3. Legal Archiving
4. AI-Based Document Analysis Automation of Content-Driven Business Processes

In summary, ContentGrid empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their content while addressing these common use cases.


Unlock the full potential of ContentGrid by exploring our detailed documentation. Whether you're starting fresh or looking to master advanced functionalities, our guides provide clarity at every step. Packed with insights, tips, and best practices, our documentation is designed to ensure a seamless experience. Empower yourself with knowledge and make the most of all that ContentGrid has to offer.

No Vendor Lock-In

The generated content applications are open source and offer full freedom to operate under the Apache License. The customer is free to share the sources with any party. The console software is placed under escrow. In case the company running the service would default, the code is available.

ContentGrid training days are organised to ensure ongoing expertise with the customers and partners.

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